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Introducing BluFit

The smart water bottle that works directly with your phone to record your water drinking habits, while keeping you healthy and hydrated.

Nearly half of us are dehydrated which means our bodies are not functioning efficiently. When you don't get enough water, every cell in your body is affected leading to a variety of conditions including decreased metabolism and brain activity. BluFit solves this by determining how much water you need, how much you have consumed and when it's time to hydrate, ensuring your body is operating at its best.

How It Works

Our app collects a variety of factors such as weight, age, temperature and humidity to determine exactly how much water you need. Next step, start drinking from your BluFit bottle!

BluFit automatically records the time and amount of water consumed, sends the data straight to your phone and then to the cloud.

The app shows your current hydration level, your goals, and graphs of your historical data so you can ensure your body is consistently operating at peak efficiency.

water bottle

water bottle

Keeps You Hydrated

If you start to fall behind with your hydration, BlueFit has customizable sounds and alert lights that sync with your phone's notification system to keep you on track. You'll never be dehydrated again!

Beyond Water

With so many ways for hydration to improve your life, it's easy to imagine how BluFit can help promote a healthy lifestyle.

Why wait? Take the first step to improving yourself by pre-ordering BluFit today!